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Bóng đèn LED cho kính hiển vi KXD-1

Công suất: 36 chiếc/3.6W; 48 chiếc/5W; 60 chiếc/6W;

Điện áp: 96/AC -220/AC

Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

Tình trạng: Hàng mới 100%

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Mô tả

Product Description
HXD-1 LED ring light
1.power:36 pieces/3.6W; 48 pieces/5W; 60 pieces/6W;
2.available voltage:96/AC -220/AC
3.the crust of electrical source case: aluminium
4.the crust of lamp head:ABS plastic or aluminium
5.color-temperature:6000K (or customize)
6.connecting caliber:Φ60mm (or customize)
Product Specification / Models: HXD-1
LED allocates glossy annularity light circuit adopt the PWM tune to glorify a technology , stable colour temperature,low power dissipation, longer life time than fluorescent lamp ,high reliability , low reality uses cost , width voltage design, may satisfy the need being unlike a consumer, the holder for the wick and chimney of a kerosene lamp outer covering adopt ABS plastic fabrication , has the antistatic function, apply to IC industry especially wait for peculiar occasion, the LED luminescence light is a cold illuminant , is fit to be put into use to sensitive object of temperature observation

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