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Bakon BK3500 – 120W

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Solder Station BK3500 Product Description

Điện áp: 220V

Dải nhiệt độ cung cấp: 200-500℃

Công suất: 120W



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Mô tả

Lead-free automatic feeding soldering station BK3500

Work votage: AC220V/50Hz
Temperature range: 200-500℃
Max surge power: 120w
Auto feeding speed: ≈14mm/s-35mm/s
Feeding length: 0.5-123mm
Feeding time interval: 0-3.5s
Tin wire diameter:
Temperature stability: ±2℃
Iron tip resistance to ground: <2Ω
Iron tip protential to ground: <2mV

Tin return quantity is adjustbale

● A three-digit display element, the temperature decreases orincreases by ± 1 °C

● Adjust temperature by pessing keys

● ESD safe by design, various soldering tips to be used. easy and convenient to replace

● Metal heating core