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Desktop Dispensing Robot J-CAT DSV Apollo Seiko

The J-CAT DSV has a push button to allow the robot to move to an area for dispense material purging. A rotary table can be added so it can be used as a 3-Axes + 1-axis robot (option). This robot can handle most dispensing applications.

Type J-CAT 200 DSV J-CAT 300 DSV
Move Area
(mm; X, Y, Z)
200, 200, 50 300, 320, 50
(mm, WxDxH)
320x364x549 560x511x609
Weight 17kg 30kg
Max Speed PTP 500 mm/sec (1~500 mm/sec)
X, Y, Z Axes 200 mm/sec (2~200 mm/sec)
Max Speed CP XYZ Axes 200mm/sec (0.1~200 mm/sec)
Portable Weight Work 5kg, Tool 2kg
Resolution +/- 0.01mm (per axis)
Interpolating Function 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolation
External I/O I/O-SYS: Input 8/ Output 8
I/O-DSP: Input 1/ Output 2
Teaching Method Remote Teaching (JOG) / Manual Data Input (MDI)
Air Pressure 0.5MPa (dry air)
Power Supply AC90~250V (single phase) / 150VA
Accessories Operating Manual (CD-ROM), Power Cable