Soldering Station TTM-3000N

Soldering Station TTM-3000N

Nhãn hiệu: Apollo Seiko – Japan

Công suất: 150W, AC90~264V (single phase)

Manual Soldering station

The high-powered soldering station provides 100 watts of soldering power.  The extremely fast heat up & temperature recovery, along with the ability to integrate N2 gas, make the TTM -3000N ideal for lead free soldering.  The N2 gas can be pumped directly into the TTM-3000N via APN-05 generator or factory supplied Nitrogen. Statistical temperature data can be downloaded to a PC using an optical USB cable.

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Technical Specifications

Type TTM-3000N
Power AC90~264V (single phase)
Heater Capacity 130W (max) DC 48V
Grounding Resistance Less than 2Ohm
Temp. Control PID control
Control Interval 0.1sec
Size(WxDxH) 110x115x135 mm
Weight 2kg
Max Power Consumption 150W
Accessories Included Iron cartridge grip, Iron cartridge, Iron holder stand, Tip removable pad, Ground terminal, Fuse 2A, Power Cable


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