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Olympus Microscopes Camera 1.3

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  • Standard C-Mount camera with Aptina or OnSemi CMOS sensor;
  • Dimensions: 29x29x29 mm excluding lens holder, without optics (metal case);
  • 8-pin Hirose HR25-7TR-8PA GPIO connector for trigger, strobe (Optional);
  • USB 2.0 interface with screw locks for camera control, data, and power;
  • Ultra-Fine color engine with perfect color reproduction capability;
  • With advanced video & image processing application ToupView;
  • Providing Windows/Linux/OSX multiple platform SDK;
  • Native C/C++, C#, DirectShow, Twain Control API;
  • Sensor & Size(mm): MT9M001(M
  • Pixel(μm): 5.2×5.2
  • FPS/Resolution: 1280×1024, Binning: 1×1
  • Mô tả

Mô tả

Body Size 29mmX29mmX29mm(Without  Connections)
Spectral Range 380-650nm (with IR-filter)
White Balance ROI White Balance/ Manual Temp-Tint Adjustment
Color Rendering Technique Ultra-Fine Color Engine
Capture/Control API Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, Directshow, Twain, Labview
Recording System Still Picture and Movie
Cooling System* Natural
USB Cable Connection USB Cable Including Locking Screw
User IO IO with Optocoupler Isolation(Trigger and Flash)
Continuous Capture Mode Video Mode
Single Capture Mode Hard Trigger or Soft Trigger
Operating Temperature -10℃~ 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~ 60℃
Operating Humidity 30~80%RH
Storage Humidity 10~60%RH
Power Supply DC 5V over PC USB Port
Operating System Support Microsoft  Windows  XP / Vista / 7 /8 /10 (32 & 64 bit)
OS X (Mac OS X), Linux
PC Requirements CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
Memory: 2GB or More
USB port: USB2.0 High-speed Port
Display: 17″ or Larger